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Available from mid-July 2018! We strongly recommend you to PRE-ORDER !

only for 499, - € due to the high demand



The first original, presented in 2015 hoverboard "IO HAWK ONE", now follows a new revolutionary high-tech means of transport from IO HAWK: With the "IO HAWK NXT SKATES" we present a completely new eMobility concept.

The "IO HAWK NXT Skates" are reminiscent of two small hoverboards that each have a tire with an outer diameter of 3.5 inches. Weighing in at just 3.3 kg per Skate, they are ultra-agile and perfect for cruising as well as cool tricks and acrobatic stunts. With an engine output of 250 watts, the Cruiser reach a top speed of up to 12 km / h. Here, the user controls the "Hover Skates", as in the classic hoverboard, by body movements, by shifting his weight easily in the desired direction of travel.

Thanks to the integrated auto-balance function, which allows the two individual skates to remain upright after being switched on, getting on and off is child's play. The independence of both skates makes it so much more flexible than riding on an ordinary hoverboard.

Thanks to the practical connector, the H.Skates can also be quickly and easily converted to a hoverboard.

The "IO HAWK Skates" housing, which is designed in matt black and blue, is splash-proof to IP65, so even a short rain shower can not slow down the user while driving. Thanks to the 54 Wh batteries, the boards are suitable for a distance of up to 8 km. The charging is done in about 2 hours, so that the fun can continue directly after a short breather. If the eSkates run out of breath on the road, they can still be transported optimally thanks to the low weight and the side straps The LED bulbs sitting on the rubber bumpers that you will not be overlooked in the dark and always show the battery status.




» Only 3.3 kg per skate

» Drive your skates as a hoverboard or classic hover roller skates with Autobalance function

» Show what you have on it and use the skates for cool tricks and acrobatic stunts

» Max speed 12 km / h, range up to 8km, max load 100kg, 2x 250W engine

» Only 2 hours charging time and your skates are full again

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The IO HAWK is a technologically and advanced mobility device that makes it easy to move around. It uses digital electronic gyroscopes and accelerometers and balances itself. The user has the ability to steer the device intelligently by shifting the weight, depending on the focus of the user. The dynamic stability system thus supports the user and prevents tipping over. If you tilt the center of gravity forward, you accelerate and you simply lean back to slow down.

Despite all built-in safety measures, we recommend that you wear protective gear when driving with the IO HAWK.




With only 3.3 KG per board you can take your skates everywhere. The practical carrying strap on the side, you can transport you easily.


The autobalance function prevents tipping over


The battery charging time is only 2 hours. We use lithium ion batteries with a long service life


12 km / h maximum speed allow you enough speed for a lot of fun


Up to 8 km range

Connecting unit

You decide: Drive your Hovershoe skates in a classic way or combine them into a classic hoverboard



We expect first deliveries on July 15, 2018! We strongly recommend you to pre-order! The demand is GIGANTIC !!!!!!



The two independently controllable IO HAWK NXT.Skates allow for more flexible driving than an ordinary hoverboard. The lithium ion batteries take you up to 8km, at a maximum speed of 12 km / h.
The IO HAWK NXT.Skates are equipped with an auto-balance function that keeps the individual skates upright, even when no rider is on it. This allows easy ascending and descending.
Included in delivery is a connector, which can be quickly and easily attached to the skates. So the skates can be driven like a normal hoverboard. Not only a super 2in1 solution, but also a relief for beginners to get used to the feel of self-balancing vehicles.
In the rubber bumpers that protect the IO HAWK NXT.Skates from scratches, there are stylish LED lights that ensure that even in the dark, that you will not be overlooked. It also informs you about the current battery status.
So that your IO HAWK NXT.Skates are not only protected on the front & back, there are additional bumpers on the sides which also function as a carrying strap. So you can easily take your skates everywhere with you.
The low weight of only 3.3kg per skate guarantees easy transport
The IO HAWK NXT Skates are protected against splash water and dust according to the IP65 standard. So you can even resist a short rain shower.
The IO HAWK skates have rubberized stand surfaces, which provide maximum grip. The device can be controlled via digital electronic gyroscopes and acceleration sensors by weight shifting.
Control only by minimal weight transfer. Range of up to 8km. Maximum speed 12km / h.

Specifications IO Hawk NXT.SKATES

Dimensions (per skate) 22,7 x 15,5 x 11,3 cm
Weight (net) 3.3kg per Skate
Loading weight 100 kg in total
Tire diameter 3.5 Inch

Top speed 12 km/h
Range 8 km
Minimum turning radius 0
Dust and splash protection IP65
Battery Lithium-Ion battery 54Wh per Skate
Motor Power 250 Watt
Tension AC 100-220V / 50-60 Hz
Storage temperature -0°C - +40°C
Charging temperature 0°C - +40°C
Operating temperatur --10°C - +40°C
Maximum slope
Certification CE, RoHS, FCC




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You have questions? Call us or send an email: Tel: +49 (0) 2841 / 8868505 or order@iohawk-europe.com

2 Years


  • We give a two-year warranty on the IO Hawk devices.

14 Days

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