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Support & Repair

Sometimes it can happen. Your IO Hawk is damaged.  No worries,  we are here to assist you.  Please read the following guidelines carefully. Below you can to find our RMA form to download.  Please request your RMA (Return Material Authorization) via email to rma@iohawk-europe.com . Please dont forget to add the form in your email.  Please carefully fill out the form with all neccesary information.  We handle warranty cases as fast as possible.


Support & RMA

If you are an Enduser nd purchased one of our products through a shop/Reseller / Distributor, please get in contact with the place of purchase. The shop will repair and/or swap the broken products. All our distribution and reseller/retail- partners are equipped with the necessary RMA support as well as spare parts.

If you are a Direct Business partner of us, or your purchased through our Onlineshop please follow the guidelines and conditions in in this site in order to get a good and fast RMA service.


Please observe the following guidelines for RMA Support

When returning the product please note the following guidelines

•The product must be adequately packed and the RMA number clearly displayed without marking the original packaging

•The product is in its original packaging complete, without any printed tape or any writing on the box

•The product is send within 10 working days of issue of RMA

•Max 2 Pcs. per Box

•IO Hawk reserves the right to refuse credit if product is not in a satisfactory condition

•Damaged boxes and Invalid RMA numbers will be rejected at the bay door.

•If products have been modified by customer by adding some/any external software or hardware modules,or the customer attempts any effort to modify, decompile the firmware or any of reverse engineering was done, the warranty will be declined.

•The warranty does not apply to any damage which arises from:
a. improper or inadequate maintenance;
b. Product of a special or custom-made nature;
c. unauthorized modification or misuse, including physical damage to the Product caused by the Customer;
d. improper installation, abuse, misapplication or negligence;
e. failure to follow instructions relating to Product’s use;
f. improper site preparation or maintenance;
g. software;
h. service performed by anyone who is not a representative of IO Hawk;
i. other causes that do not relate to a Product defect;
j. defects or damage suffered as a result of force majeure (including theft);
k. defects or damage suffered as a result of normal wear and tear, and/or
l. stolen goods.

Please fill out the RMA Form downloadable below.

Please add the default description inside of the RMA form. Please note: Marking goods as "damaged" is not a proper fault description!


1. Every request for return of product must be addressed in writing by fax, mail or through to the Customer Support Department: IO Hawk Invest GmbH - RMA Department - Address: Am Schürmannshütt 40f, D-47441 Moers, Deutschland, email: rma@iohawk-europe.com

2. Product can only be returned once Customer Support has issued a valid RMA number.

3. An RMA number is valid for 10 days after its issue by Customer Support; consequently the concerned products must be returned to us within that period of time.

4. Only product purchased at IO Hawk can be returned. Verification may be made via invoice number and date and on the serial number detailed on the invoice.

5. For B2B: Shipping fees to IO Hawk the customer pays, shipping back to the customer IO Hawk is paying.

6. For B2C ( Endusers): Shipping fees to IO Hawk the IO Hawk pays, shipping back to the customer IO Hawk is paying.

7. IO Hawk grants to replace or repair the broken product within 7 working days.
Please note: Goods without a valid RMA No. clearly written on every box will cause in a non-acceptance by our Logistic and is refused by our company

Shipment Conditions

Returns are only accepted if referenced through a valid RMA number.
This RMA-number must be clearly indicated on the upper side of the box in such way that damage of original box is excluded. Always mention the RMA-number on the freight slip as well, especially when returning the goods yourself.

Please verify the following points before returning any unit / system to IO Hawk:

• Do you have the appropriate documentation package accompanying this unit / system?

• Is the Unit /System connected in accordance with the details in the appropriate documentation?

• Is the environment in which the unit / system operates in accordance with the appropriate documentation?

• Has the unit / system functioned prior to the need to return it to IO Hawk?

• Please enclose the completed RMA-form when RMA-number has been received with detailed description of failure and operating

• Conditions in your application to your return of material (please don’t use general statements, marking a product with “defect” as malfunction is not accepted).

• Please write the RMA-number in big letters clear visible down on the parcel when returning a unit/ system to Capteq.

• Damages of transport need to be advised immediately after receipt of goods!

• The grant of a RMA-number doesn’t mean necessarily the acceptance of a warranty or rather a guarantee case.

Attention! No guarantee, if:

• Goods had been damaged during return caused by improper packing.

• Products with mechanical damages. Therefore please control packages and goods carefully immediately after receipt and advise

• Mechanical damages immediately without any delay!

• Manipulation of the unit / system was performed without explicit IO Hawk authorization in the proper manner.

• If products have been modified by customer (for example by soldering) or if connectors or pins are mechanical damaged.

• Hazard statements, series-no. or original label of manufacturer had been removed

What to do with Missing or Wrong Deliveries?

Please check immediately on receiving your order whether there is anything missing or whether it is a wrong delivery.

IO Hawk defines both as follows:

Missing quantity

* You have not received the number of articles as stated on your invoice.

Wrong delivery

* You have received goods which you did not order. These have, however, been listed on your invoice.

* The invoice corresponds to your order but the wrong goods have been delivered

Please contact in these cases our Support via email: rma@iohawk-europe.com or your Account Manager via phone or email

You will be issued with an RMA number for processing your claim within 48 hours! After receiving your claims number, the goods must be returned within 5 working days.

When returning goods to us please note:

1. Goods and packaging must remain untouched

2. Do not remove the postal label

3. Goods should not be used or tested

4. Return goods to Capteq only with your issued RMA number

Service Procedure for Goods damaged during Transportation

Even with careful packaging, goods can be damaged.

Please always check the following before confirming (i.e. signing) receipt of goods:

1. Is the delivery complete (see label on package or rather freight card)?

2. Is the packaging undamaged (dents, holes, rips, damage through water, missing strap or guard tape)?

3. Is the address correct?

Obvious damage caused through transportation must always be confirmed in writing by the forwarder. This must also be reported in writing immediately using the appropriate form provided. If possible, please take a photo of the damaged goods and attach to the filled-in form.

For hidden damage caused through transportation, please report in writing immediately on discovering the damage. This should be, however, within three working days. The appropriate form provided should be sent, if possible with photo, to our support team.

We will issue an RMA number for processing your claim within 48 hours! After receiving your claims number, the goods must be returned within 5 working days.

Please note – if you are self-insured, please report damage to your insurance company.

RMA Forms & Downloads

RMA Form to fill out online

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RMA form for printing

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