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How dynamic stabilization works in practice

The IO HAWK is a self-balancing mobility device for humans, because different to a car it has only two tires. The special thing about it: It is able, to stand upright by itself. To move forward or backward with the IO HAWK, the driver leans slighty forward or backward. To move left or right, the driver simply turns left or right.

The ability of self-balancing, is the most fascinating property of the IO HAWK and the key of controlling him. To understand how the system works, it is useful to take a look at Kamens model for the device - the human body.

If you stand up and lean so far forwards that you loose your balance, you normally don't fall onto your nose. The brain knows when you are not in balance, as the fluid in your inner ear moves. So your brain lets you put a foot forward to prevent you from falling. As long as you lean forward, your brain will cause this action. Instead of falling, you do one step after another.

The IO HAWK does pretty exact the same, but with the difference, that it has tires instead of feet, instead of muscles an engine and a collection of micro pürocessors instead of a brain, as well as a group of ingenious balancing sensors - so called gyroscopes - instead of your balancing sense in the inner ear. To keep balanced, it moves his tires in the exact right speed and you move forward. Like you brain, the IO HAWK knows when you lean forward. This habit is called "dynamic stabilization".
In the moment you step onto the device, the gyroscopes and accelerometers begin to analyze the terrain and you body's position 100 times per second.
The IO HAWK is made with an intelligent network of sensors, mechanical components, a propulsion system and a control system.

IO HAWKs use a special solid-body angle sensor. This kind of gyroscope-sensor rate the rotation of an object with consideration of the Coriolis-effect on a very small scale.

The Corialis force means the effect, that moving bodies, in a rotating framework and from the view of a with-rotating observer, are misdirected. E.g. if you are observing an airplane, which apparently flies a straight line in the air, this line seems to be bent, because of the earth turning under it.

The IO HAWK is equipped with multiple gyroscopes. The information about the driver's balancing and his control-movements are sent to the IO HAWK's "brain", together with the information of the inclination angle.

The brain consists of redundant electronic boards, each equipped with a group of micro-processors. These work together and share the work, necessary for the movement. An IO HAWK needs so much computing capacity, because it has to calculate all necessary information to prevent a fall within a very short time. In case one of the boards have a malfunction or failure during driving, the other half takes over all the functions. The system informs the driver about the malfunction and can be deactivated in a controlled manner.

The micro-processors are used by an advanced software, which controls the device. This program observes all information sent by the gyroscopes and adjusts the speed of the electro-engines. The electro-engines, which are supplied by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, can move each tire independently at different speed.
If the device is leant forward, the engines move both tires forward, to prevent a fall. If the device is leant backwards, the engines move the device backwards. If the driver leans to a side, to turn left or right, the engines move one tire faster than the other, or in opposite directions, to make the device turn. During the ride, the IO HAWK drives the exact right turning radius, which is necessary, to keep the balance, considering the centrifugal force.



  • Plant or Fairgrounds (Halls)
  • Outdoor-Fun
  • For cameramen ( TV / Film production)
  • as eye-catcher for promotions
  • Advertising and events
  • Theme parks and parks
  • Security & airports
  • Birthdays, weddings, work parties
  • As cost-efficient mobility device (costs only 1 € per 240 km )
  • Hotel & hospitality industry
  • Open-House-Events & Incentives
  • ....and many more....



What our customers say..
  • Crazy! I thought that I want to drive right and the device reacts instantly. I never thought that I can handle it within 3 minutes. Tho whole family is amazed!
    Monika Meier // Frankfurt am Main
  • First I thought: Who needs such a thing? But I admit: it makes a lot of fun! By now I am using it at my work and whirl through our warehouse!
    Paul Weilfeld// Hamburg
  • The product has a very good workmanship and the idea reminds me of a movie success of former days! Perfectly implemented ! And the great thing is: The device can easily be taken anywhere !
    Kirsten Neumann// Kiel


6-10 km/h


3-5 MIN.


16-19 KM




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