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IO Hawk


for Hoverboards

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Safety of Hoverboards

Safety of BalanceBoards

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Maybe you are confused – why an IO Hawk is so expensive! There are indeed enough of Hoverboards in the Internet with price 200 € or less. We want to give you some important information about safety here !

From the end of 2015, you see a lot of reports in media, that cheap BalanceBoard catched fire and exploded. Recently in July 2016 more than 500,000 Hoverboards have been recalled in the US by now. IO Hawk was one of them! A few facts:


IO Hawk was the First Hoverboard manufactured and announced, at the exhibition CES in Las Vegas, in January 2015 http://www.autobild.de/artikel/io-hawk-ces-2015-5524691.html
Because of its great success and a global hype, especially with Hollywood celebrities like Justin Bieber and other, many manufacturers tried to copy it. 


A Hoverboard is composed of many components and these have to be purchased and assembled in Asia. Of course, we achieve a huge success and the associated increase in quantity of sales in the US and Europe, allow us to get best prices for the purchase of components from our suppliers. An IO Hawk cost initially € 1500/1500 USD. Manufacturing and offering for prices around 300 € for a Hoverboard, means only one thing: to use bad quality components ! And even today (July 2016) it isn’t possible without loosing  safety and quality features. For us and our team safety go first, before the profit of the company! 


We as IO HAWK warned in June 2015 already of the dangers of cheap boards and announced its upcoming explosions. Everybody can read it here: https://www.iohawk-europe.com/statement-regarding-io-hawk-fakes/


FACT: There are more than 2 millions of IO Hawks sold out worldwide, and not a single case of a Burning ORIGINAL IO HAWK happened! Please review the images on the Internet, it keeps the wheels left after fire ! Our wheels have the original IO Logo. Take a look at the Google images:

Compare the pictures on the Internet! Click here –>>




You want to buy a hoverboard from another manufacturer? No problem, we will show you how:

  • Let the shop show you all the certificates! In particular, the most important one currently is UL2272 and is an extra certificate from Underwriters Laboratories specifically for hoverboards! Here, the boards are tested according to very strict guidelines. In the US, no more boards without UL2272 certificate are allowed to be imported! Look here:http://www.ul.com/hoverboards/ . In the database of UL You can check if your manufacturer is certified. http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/index.html Please enter into the database the code: fkis under the UL category code. Is your manufacturer or the factory he is working together named there, your Hoverboard is relatively safe! You are also relatively safe when the battery is UL certified.
  • Don’t get cheated by words such as „Samsung Battery“ etc. What is important is not the label on the batteries, but the built-in-cells! The manufacturer shall show you the cells! And he shall show you the battery Certificates! Furthermore, we know of counterfeit certifcates of Boards issued by different test laboratories. Let him show you the certificates incl. the certificate number. Those for example you can check on the website of  certified testing laboratories such as  http://www.beide-productservice.com/ by entering the certificate number.
  • How long does the „Manufacturer“ give you Warranty and is heresident in your country or close to it? A very important point! We receive daily calls from many disapointed clients of this „third party hoverboards companies“ asking for repair of their broken hoverboard. Please understand that we can not carry out a repair of other Hoverboards! By the way, we give 24 Months warranty!  


A Hoverboards consists of hardware and software and only the combination of those two gives you a working device.

The IO HAWKs and their chargers have safeguards that make it impossible for a burning of the battery.
How Li-Ion Batteries begin to burn

These devices, as well as the IO HAWK, get their power by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery consists of multiple cells, which are constructed like the following pricture shows:


The separator in the middle separates the graphite & lithium compounds (right side) from the left side, in which oxygen and cobalt is and ensures a consistent, desired and controlled flow of „chemical reaction“, whereby the necessary power is produced.

If this separator will be overused, as by overloading, overheating or vibrations, holes can occur. There is an uncontrolled and uncontrollable chemical reaction between the two parts, similar to a short circuit, in which the lithium reacts violently with oxygen. This creates heat until it bursts into flames.
This fire still draws more oxygen until there is an explosion of all built-in cells of the battery.
Also dents, which are caused by strokes on loose built-in batteries, are causing leaks in the battery cell’s shell and cause a reaction with oxygen.

The fire is always created in this way, so triggered by:
– Overload
– Overheating
– Vibrations / Strokes


Differences between IO HAWK and the cheap boards:

1. Overvoltage

In contrast to many manufacturers of cheaper boards, we  at IO HAWK use quality batteries from Samsung. These are equipped with a MOSFET overcharge protection, which stops the charging once the battery is fully charged. When our supplied power adapter detects if the battery is fully charged and minimizes the charging current as soon as the battery has reached 100%.

2. Overheating
Further, the IO HAWK continuously monitors the temperature of the battery and motors. In order to avoid excessive heat development while driving and when driving uphill, the limitation to the 10km/h is set by software – the engines of IO HAWKs are far more powerful. By limiting to 10km/h the IO HAWK has enough power capacity to reach and maintain this speed at low heat. In addition, this method ensures that the IO HAWK reaches the maximum speed when ascenting.

3. Vibrations
The IO HAWKs Battery is in a protective plastic sleeve and is permanently installed. It is under a bridge, which is bolted directly to the frame and does not allow any kind of movement. Below the battery is a damping mat, which damps occuring vibrations while driving. Furthermore steered heat will be forwarded outward by the frame.


(Battery IO Hawk and board)

(IO Hawk battery damper)

Following comparison to an extreme example of a board that is obtained for about 200 €.
The battery is not protected properly and not fixed. This means that it is exposed to both shock and vibration while driving and even during transport.
In this case, the above-mentioned situations occur, namely that the separator or the cell envelope damage, react with the oxygen and the chemicals will set a fire that eventually will explode.


(Cheap crafted board)

The dangerous thing on exploding lithium-ion batteries is that the fire cannot be simply extinguished by using water. You have to put out the flames, for example, with sand or an fire extinguisher.
In case of explosion, the chemicals are sprayed in the closer environment, so the fire, like a petrol gauge, spreads over to even really low flammable surfaces.


Our promiseto you

For us the highest level of service and quality is out of question, as we are taking care of our customers the same we would like to be taken care of ourselves ! Premium Product - Premium Support - this is our philosophy

Functional testing

Each IO Hawk is tested and has to pass a test run by one of our employees in Germany before final delivery to the end-user.

Contact persons

Personal contact in our company and 24 months warranty!

Fast delivery

98% of our shipments reach our customers the following day!




The software of the IO HAWK is, compared to the currently known cheap boards, the most mature. It has a lot of safety precautions and safety signals that inform the driver about an occuring failure. These alert signals occur especially when:
  • Prohibited riding surfaces (uneven, too steep, unsafe, etc.)
  • When you step on the IO HAWK, if the platform is tilted more than 10 degrees forward or backward.
  • Battery voltage is too low.
  • The device is still charging.
  • During operation, the platform self initiates to tilt due to excess speed.
  • Overheating, motor temperature is too high.
  • The device has been rocking back and forth over 30 seconds.
  • System enters protection mode, the alarm indicator will light up and buzzer will alarm (this typically occurs when the battery is about to die).
  • If the platform is tilted forward or backward more than 35 degrees, IO HAWK will power off.
  • If the tire is blocked, IO HAWK will stop after 2 seconds.
  • When the battery level has depleted below protection mode, the IO HAWK engine will power off after 15 seconds.
  • While sustaining a high discharge current during operation (such as driving up a steep slope for a long period of time), the IO HAWK engine will power off after 15 seconds.
The us known cheap boards are missing all of these alert signals and safety precautions.

Recalibration function

Furthermore the IO HAWK is the only balance boards with integrated recalibration function. This is a diagnostic and maintenance tool which can be performed with the supplied remote control key by ther user himself. Small defects, such as a shifted balance point (the position at which the IO HAWK should really just stay standing, instead of moving forward, backward, right or left) can be solved within a few seconds by the user himself.

Boards and splash protection

In addition, the electronics of the IO HAWK is below a silicon layer that protects the sensitive equipment from splashing water. This is missing in the cheap boards. As seen in the pictures below, the difference in the processing relates to the entire device. The connections are processed cheaply. According to our experience such cheap boards may work for 2-3 months - after which then they will most likely be defect. The IO HAWK is adapted to last a lifetime.

Behavior of the boards on low battery

Another very relevant point about safety, is the behavior of the board on a weak battery. Most of the tested devices shut off while driving if the battery becomes too weak - in most cases this ends up in falling, because one does not expect or is warned that the device will power off soon. In terms of the IO HAWK the driver is always informed about the current battery status by the multicolored battery indicator on the device. If the battery reaches the critical state, the device warns by starting to beep long ago and slows down before it shuts down. When switched on again with an empty battery, the IO HAWK starts in locked mode, so that it will be not possible to continue driving.

Used hardware

In order to allow a precise control, it is necessary that the boards are provided with fast, efficient and reliable hardware. The computer chips must be of high quality to calculate and process all information from the sensors and gyroscopes accurately and quickly. Many cheap boards have a very delayed control behavior and may prevent a quick dodge or breaking if necessary. Also, the battery pack is, apart from the massive security deficits, not as powerfu as stated. The devices are often advertised with a similar range as the IO HAWKs, but they do not keep this promise by no means.

Is the IO Hawk the only safe board?

The IO Hawk has been presented to a larger public for the first time at the world's largest electronics show, CES in Las Vegas in January 2015. Besides our board there are 2 known other brands with similar technologies, but differ slightly in design. These brands are easy to find for anyone and also considered to be safe! Many Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber and many others rely on the original products. The IO Hawk is now worldwide sold around a few hundred thousand times and it was there is no case of a burning IO HAWK known!

Quality Inspection, Service & Repair

For many the cheap boards the providers are sitting in China. Even devices that are mainly found on eBay are often shipped directly from China. The European headquarters of IO HAWK is in Germany. In addition to the quality control directly in the factory we are testing each device once again for functionality and quality here in Germany. Uninspected IO HAWKs will not be released for delivery to the end-user. Should any problems occur, we provide service in German and English, also by phone. If the problem cannot be solved by phone or from a distance, we offer free returns to check the IO HAWK in our European repair center and and repair it for free, as long as it is covered by warranty.

Brand name

In the end, we must note again that companies advertise with our in Europe registered and patented brand IO Hawk. Thereby we also get a lot of support requests from uncertain end-users. As you can see from the picture below, the brand name IO Hawk is protected in Europe and we are the owner of the trademark. So at us, you buy at the original manufacturer!

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